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Air Lounge Sofa - In Stock

Item Form:5 in 1 Sofa Bed

Made By:China

Rs: 10000/PKR Rs: 8500/PKR

Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Bed Is A Stunningly Designed Sofa And Bed With Awe-Inspiring Seating And A Sleeping Path. It Is A Collapsed And Inflatable Sofa And Bed That Can Be Moved Anywhere By Pulling On The Air. Air Lounge Sofa Price In Pakistan The Best Thing About This Sofa Bed Is That It Can Be Transformed Into Five Different Shapes: A Sovereign Bed, A Love Seat, A Children's Bed, A Recliner, And A Lounger. You Can Outfit Your Space In Small Living Quarters With This Sofa Bed. It Can Be Used As A Chair, As A Bed, Or A Twofold Overlap Bed.

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Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan


What is Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan?

Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Bed is a stunningly designed sofa and bed with awe-inspiring seating and a sleeping path. It is a collapsed and inflatable sofa and bed that can be moved anywhere by pulling on the air. Air Lounge Sofa Price in Pakistan The best thing about this sofa bed is that it can be transformed into five different shapes: a sovereign bed, a love seat, a children's bed, a recliner, and a lounger.

Everyone requires open seating that supports their back and isn't bothersome. It is best to buy an Air Lounge Sofa Bed for this purpose. Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan has a comfortable, agreeable, and relaxing seating and sleeping arrangement that supports your back and makes you feel good. This sofa bed is ideal for any room, such as a parlour, office, or studio. You can outfit your space in small living quarters with this sofa bed. Air Lounge Sofa Bed can be used as a chair, a single bed, or a twofold overlap bed.

5 of every 1 sofa bed is an Air Lounge Sofa Bed Inflatable. The Ideal Seating and Sleeping Configuration Why settle for an inflatable ruler-measured bed when you can have 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed?


How Does Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Works?


Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Price is an excellent addition to any parlour, room, visitor room, amusement room, or studio loft. You can even use the Air Lounge Sofa Bed 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed outside, around the house, and even in the pool. More people came over to witness the defining moment. Because the Bestway Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan is inflatable, it is simple to assemble. It is ideal for homes with limited space.

Use it as a chair, a two-person bed, a single bed, or simply to relax. Air Lounge Sofa in Lahore Pakistan is made of high-quality PVC and is extremely durable. With the complimentary electric pneumatic machine, it can be inflated in a matter of seconds. It is an excellent solution for lone rangers or people who are constantly on the move.

You can choose between two stunning colours: Vibrant Orange and Lime Green. They are extremely useful when unexpected visitors arrive at your door. It is also suitable for use outside. With this Bestway Air Lounge Sofa Price in Pakistan, you can add a splash of colour and personality to your living room decor.

Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan is more than just an inflatable mattress. Because it also represents a better value for your money.

As a result, the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is the ideal sleeping and seating solution.

The 5 in 1 Sofa may be utilized in a variety of ways.

  • A lounger
  • A recliner
  • A three-seat sofa
  • Children's high rise sleeper
  • Queen sized bed

It Includes:

• Electric Pump

• Piece Pump Nozzle Set

• Travel Bag

• Instructions

Complimentary Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan In some ways, the bed 5 in 1 couch differs from other large beds available on the market. Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Price is divided into three sections. Associate in Nursing upright (back rest/arm rest) section, a try of base segments connected by versatile tubes, but holding those on and allowing air to flow between the two. You will have the option of keeping this third section deflated.

However, allowing a pair of base sections to lie flat on the bottom results in the market's longest expansive bed (a full 212 cm long) and a high rise kid’s bed. As a result, the 5 in 1 sofa bed Inflate the third section (backrest/armrests) and use it as a sofa instead of a lounger or a recliner.

How to Use Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan?

Do you have any extra guests coming over to watch the big game? Unexpected out-of-town visitors? Is there going to be a sleepover for the kids? Then the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is the ideal choice for you. The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed, on the other hand, quickly inflates to because of a sophisticated sofa that provides excellent support and amazing comfort thanks to its patented air chamber technology.

The Inflatables Air Lounge Sofa in Karachi Pakistan is the most recent multifunctional piece of furniture that you should have in your home. It looks nice and comfortably seats three people, with the option of instantly converting into a bed if desired. To make a bed, just unfold the couch base, add a few pillows and a duvet, and relax to your heart's delight. Air Lounge is an incredible comfortable and convenient sofa, lounge, recliner, and fold out bed all in one.


5in1 Air Lounge Sofa Features:


The Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan is a high-tech innovation. This sofa bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This collapsible and inflatable sofa bed provides complete back support. It is also a movement-friendly sofa bed that you can easily complete anywhere by pulling air from it. The following are the primary benefits of this sofa bed:

  •  It is portable and may be used in any part of the house.
  • It's a wonderful couch bed constructed of top-notch PVC plastic.
  • Made of high-quality materials that will last a lifetime, the 5in1 Air Lounge couch Inflatable Sofa/Bed is easy to construct.
  • The Air Lounge Sofa Islamabad in Pakistan Inflatables Couch/Bed, in addition to being a comfy sofa, can easily change into a comfortable bed and recliner.
  • The Air Lounge Inflatables Sofa/Bed comes with its own jet propulsions pump that can inflate the Air Lounge in 3 minutes.
  • You can effortlessly manage space by transforming this sofa bed into 5 various forms, including a children's bed, a sovereign bed, a love seat, a lounger, and a recliner.


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