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Alite Gel - In Stock

Item Form:Gel

Made By:India

Rs: 5500/PKR Rs: 4500/PKR

Alite Gel in Pakistan Reducing Oil Emissions Immediately, Which Reduces The Appearance Of Pimples Soon After Treatment? Its Regular Ingredients, Such As Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil, And Fascinating Natural Concentrate, Soothe The Skin, Lessen Blemishes And Flaws, And Also Provide Even, Moisturized Skin.

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Alite Gel Price in Pakistan


What is Alite Gel?

Alite Gel in Pakistan unclogs blocked pores, manages sebum, reduces hyperpigmentation from skin irritation, and speeds up the production of new skin cells. Expanded cell development causes the replacement of the scars and imperfections with new skin. The unique three-way action of the Gel eliminates irritation, destroys microscopic organisms, unclogs pores. It repairs them to leave healthy, spot-less skin for a certain look.


Alite Gel Price in Pakistan Aids for instantly reducing oil discharge, which reduces the formation of pimples shortly after treatment. Zavari.Pk Its typical ingredients, such as Tea tree oil, neem oil, and intriguing homegrown extract, soothe the skin, lessen scars and faults, and additionally provide even, conditioned skin.


How Does It Work?


Alite Gel in Pakistan In order to repair the damaged skin caused by a skin inflammatory scar and provide a dazzling clear appearance, active herbals reestablish cell recovery. Gel quickly reduces oil emission, which reduces the formation of pimples shortly after treatment. Alite Gel Price in Pakistan Tea tree oil and other unique natural concentrates are typical ingredients that soothe the skin, reduce blemishes and flaws, and provide even, condition-smooth skin.


Due to its soothing and antibacterial qualities, tea tree oil controls skin breakouts. It helps to reduce swelling, redness, and irritation from skin inflammation and also puts a stop to and fades scarring from skin inflammation, leaving you with clear, smooth skin. It is a potent treatment that effectively addresses all of acne's problems. Helps to regulate the production of oil on the facial skin and provides clear, smooth skin.




Alite Gel in Pakistan Reducing oil emissions immediately, which reduces the appearance of pimples soon after treatment? Its regular ingredients, such as tea tree oil, neem oil, and fascinating natural concentrate, soothe the skin, lessen blemishes and flaws, and also provide even, moisturized skin.


Alite Gel Price in Pakistan Tea tree oil prevents skin breakouts thanks to its antibacterial and mitigating qualities. It helps to minimize skin breakout redness, swelling, and irritation. It also stops and fades skin inflammatory scars, leaving you with clear skin. Alite Gel is a potent solution that effectively addresses all of acne's problems. Helps to regulate the production of oil on the facial skin and provides clear, smooth skin.   


How To Use It?


Alite Gel in Pakistan With warm water and an Alite oil-control face cleanser, wash your face and pat it dry. Apply a thin layer of medicine to the affected skin with your fingertips after administering a small amount of gel. Focus carefully. Apply two times daily after washing your face for the greatest results.


Alite Gel Price in Pakistan One to fourteen days may pass before you start to feel better. Use for roughly two months after you first started, regardless of whether your condition gets better. Apply it frequently. If you accidentally miss an application, make use of it right away.


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