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Hair Straightener - In Stock

Item Form:Hair Care Treatment

Made By:China

Rs: 2500/PKR Rs: 2000/PKR

When You Use Our Innovative Hair Straightener In Pakistan, You Will Have The "Professional Touch" Of A Hair Stylist Within The Comfort Of Your House. You Will Be Ready To Smooth Your Hair With Practically Little Effort In The Slightest Degree. It's Very Simple To Govern, Allowing You To Urge Whatever Hairdo You Decide On. Straightening with a Steam Function of Salon-Quality with This Hair Straightener in Pakistan, You'll Be Able To Get Polished Salon Results Reception. The Iron's 1-Inch Ceramic Plates Produce Strong, Steady Heat.

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Hair Straightener in Pakistan


When you use our innovative Hair Straightener in Pakistan, you will have the "professional touch" of a hair stylist within the comfort of your house. You will be ready to smooth your hair with practically little effort in the slightest degree. It's very simple to govern, allowing you to urge whatever hairdo you decide on. Straightening with a Steam Function of Salon-Quality With this Hair Straightener in Pakistan, you'll be able to get polished salon results reception. The iron's 1-inch ceramic plates produce strong, steady heat that straightens your hair while reducing frizz and damage.

The Hair Straightener in Pakistan is also adequately preserved during hair straightening using steam technology, using argan oil or water placed into the tank on the flat iron. Smooth Results using Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Traditional flat iron straighteners haven't got high-grade tourmaline ceramic plates, which give a snag-free glide and more uniform heating.


What is Hair Straightener in Pakistan?


A salon-length swivel cord gives you more styling options. LED Temperature Display for simple Use Helps with Styling On the easy-to-read LED display, you'll keep track of the flat iron's temperature

With easy two-button controls, you'll be able to change the temperature to your liking. Temperature lock mode on Hair Straightener in Pakistan Price in Pakistan prevents overheating by keeping the setting secure while you style. For very fine, fragile, and damaged hair, use a temperature of 300-375°F. For normal, easy-to-straighten hair, use 375-410°F. For thick, difficult-to-straighten hair, use 410-450°F.

2 steam options of Hair Straightener in Pakistan Hair with incredible gloss and smoothness because of vapor-blasting there are six temperature-lock settings to decide on from to induce the right finish for your hair type. Heats to Keratin-ideal temperatures the most temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius). PTC heater for quick heat-up and safety Hair straightening using floating plates

Hair Straightener in Pakistan Price has elegant and practical 9' of burn-resistant cloth cable with 360-degree swivel cord to attenuate tangling and keep you moving.

The hair is split into strands and a tool is passed after selecting the correct temperature. Repeat on each strand two or 3 times more until you achieve the required individual score.

Unlike many other hair tools and equipment, the Hair Straightener in Pakistan is that the finest of them all; the inclusion of a steam section inside the device helps to straighten hair without burning it by reducing the degree of warmth contact with the hair.

So, if you would like to possess healthy, lustrous, silky, and straight hair while saving time, effort, and money spent at hair salons, you must invest in an exceedingly Hair Straightener in Pakistan.

You may add some drops of argan oil, no quite three, to the storage tank within the device to get smoother hair and a nice scent, and you will get lovely and flawless hair. Argan oil are often substituted with coconut or jojoba oil.

Many women struggle with their hair on a everyday as a result of its brittleness and difficulty to style it, but now that a gadget is out there, they'll solve this problem. All of your hair troubles are a thing of the past with this Hair Straightener in Pakistan.


How To Use Hair Straightener in Pakistan?


Having a gadget sort of a Hair Straightener in Pakistan in Lahore Pakistan allows you to avoid visiting the hairdresser and build whatever hairdo you desire from the comfort of your house.

Now you'll be able to ditch the many tools you accustomed style your hair each day, like a dryer, a straightening iron, and a rotating brush, all of which cause hair loss and hair loss when used frequently, because the Hair Straightener in Pakistan combines all of the advantages of those devices into one device. It saves you time and energy since it's made in such a fashion that hair is preserved irrespective of its quality.

  • The device's hand has an innovative rubber surface that protects the user's hand from the device's hot temperature when operational.
  • A tank that's easily detachable, allowing the water to be filled and also the tank to get replaced within the event of harm.
  • The Hair Straightener in Pakistan in Karachi Pakistan is safe to use on all hair types.
  • This may be a genuine product, not a knockoff.

The Professional Straightener has four temperature settings, each of which is acceptable for a special sort of hair:

  • 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit (248-302 Degrees Fahrenheit) For hair that's fine, thin, or grey.
  • 150-190 degrees Fahrenheit (302-374 Degrees Fahrenheit) For hair that's dark or tinted.
  • For regular or somewhat curly hair, 190-210 degrees Celsius (374-410 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 210-230 degrees Celsius (410-450 Degrees Fahrenheit) Hair that's thick, curly, and wavy

Hair Straightener in Pakistan is seen as a tool by many ladies. Straightening Iron for Professionals it is the finest hair straightening gadget ever, and it's simple to use, but there's something better: the initial Professional Straightener.

To obtain an incredible straightener, all you've got to try to initially is pick the proper temperature for your hair type on Hair Straightener in Pakistan.




The Hair Straightener in Pakistan in Islamabad Pakistan is meant to guard the hair within the event that the temperature goes over the allowed limit for the curliest kinds of hair; during this instance, the gadget automatically turns off to forestall any injury or damage to the hair.

Hair Straightener in Pakistan warms up quickly and glides easily through your hair, allowing you to style your hair faster and more comfortably.

  • This technology moisturizes and relieves dry hair while also ensuring straight and smooth hair.
  • When compared to traditional hair straighteners, the cold steam conditioning retains moisture and gloss while straightening your hair, providing greater frizz control and prevention from breakage and general damage.
  • Do you recognize anyone who likes their hair to be frizzy? We do not, and this can solve the matter.
  • Hair Straightener in Pakistan is designed to supply a solid grip with soft-touch rubber to shield your hand; this tool is suitable for all hair lengths and kinds.


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