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Handy Stitch Sewing Machine - In Stock

Item Form:Handy Clothes Stitching Machine

Made By:China

Rs: 2500/PKR Rs: 1500/PKR

Handy Stitch Machine In Pakistan Comes As No Surprise To Us That Handy Stitch Sewing Machines Are Getting Increasingly Popular. These Small Portable Sewing Machines Are Simple To Use And Suitable For Anyone. These Machines Are Fantastic For Travellers, Busy People, And Then On Because They Solve Your Everyday Stitching Problems In Minutes. Handy Stitch Machine Price In Pakistan Is Extremely Embarrassing To Find A Tear In Your Shirt While On A Family Or Business Trip And About To Wear Your Favorite Dress.

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Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan


What is Handy Stitch Machine?

Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan comes as no surprise to us that handy stitch sewing machines are getting increasingly popular. These small portable sewing machines are simple to use and suitable for anyone. These machines are fantastic for travellers, busy people, and then on because they solve your everyday stitching problems in minutes.

Handy Stitch Machine Price in Pakistan is extremely embarrassing to find a tear in your shirt while on a family or business trip and about to wear your favorite dress. What should I do now? Then there's the matter of using this small portable home appliance. It’s flash, so you'll be able to take it with you wherever you go, whether you're travelling or staying reception.

Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan could be a cordless, handheld textile machine that matches in your handbag. Despite its small size, the handy stitch has the stitching power of an everyday home appliance and may sew hard fabrics like denim.


How Does Handy Stitch Machine Works?


Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan Price is little and cheap, but its power is similar to larger, dearer machines. Handy Stitch is good for quick repairs or jobs that traditional desktop machinery cannot handle, like sewing curtains while they're still on the rod or mending a torn pocket without removing your pants.

Original Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan is amazing for soft and delicate fabrics like silk and satin, but strong enough for denim, crafts, and drapes. This can be a home mini manual home appliance that's simple, convenient, and practical; it's simple to use and comes with English instructions. Your clothes are fine as long as you spend some minutes.

Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan Easy Highlights of Quick Stitch household appliance on the go Simple to use Description 100% different and top quality, with free accessories - 1 spindle plus 1 needle threaded plus 2 extra needles are a plus. 3 extra bobbins with thread, the ability of an oversized machine—even sews through denim—repairs delicate fabrics like silk, battery powered, will be utilized in denim, silk, crafts, drapes, and more can have a seam thickness of 1.8Mm, but not if the seam is simply too big, too hard, or too thick. You’ll be able to easily sew hanging curtains, wall hangings, and other items with it.


How to Use Handy Stitch Machine?


Handy Stitch Machine in Lahore Pakistan is entertaining to create your own handkerchief, apron, gloves, and cloth with this handy machine. This can be a home mini manual household appliance that's simple, convenient, and practical; it's simple to use and comes with an English manual. If you have got a travel accident or attend the post office to mail parcels, you'll easily get; you’re regular sewing, you simply like. 

Your clothes are going to be fine as long as you spend some minutes. 1 x handheld textile machine, 1 x bobbin with thread and needle are included within the package.  Please install the battery as shown within the picture.

Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan Design for little Spaces threading is finished by default for sample stitching. What does one do when you're on a business trip and find out a tear in one in all your favorite good luck suits that you simply planned to wear for the pitch you're getting ready to admit defeat 2 hours? Allow the Singer Handy Stitch Machine in Islamabad Pakistan to try and do the work! Who knew such a tiny low, compact machine could work such magic on a range of garments? the most effective part about this handy stitch is that it provides a second fix – you do not even must remove your clothes! Simply insert the handy stitch into the cut and press the button!

Handy Stitch Machine in Karachi Pakistan comes with three mini spools of thread, a needle threaded, and two needles for on-the-go use, additionally as an extension for larger thread spools so you'll be able to stitch away at home!

Handy Stitch Portable Handheld textile machine with DC Adapter Product Specifications

• Speed control household appliance

• Suitable for every type of materials

• Easy to use and light-weight

• Durable Chain Locking Stitch

• Powerd By 6V DC Adapter

• It is powered By 4 AA Batteries

• Very best quality Product


Using Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan:


If you would like to use this mini handheld textile machine to hem pants, i like to recommend the subsequent tips.

Ascertain that the needle is within the highest position which the machine is locked. Lift up the fastening plate and place your trouser leg where you would like to begin sewing.

Start sewing after you've unlocked the machine. once you get to the tip of the stitching, you will need to detach the thread from the underside hook so you'll pull the thread and take away the material from the machine. The rotary wheel may be useful here.

Depending on the kind of stitching you are doing, this handy machine is also the answer.

The Handy Stitch Machine in Pakistan comes with three mini spools of thread, a needle threader, and two needles for on-the-go use, moreover as an extension for larger thread spools so you'll stitch away at home!

•           Portable, cordless, and compact

•           Battery operated – (four AA batteries required)

•           Suitable for stitching hard and delicate fabrics

•           Simple to use - Ideal for travelling - Steel and plastic

What's inside the box?

•           A single needle

•           1 bobbin and 1 spool of thread


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