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Magic Hose Pipe - In Stock

Item Form:Gardening Hose Pipe

Made By:China

Rs: 2500/PKR Rs: 1500/PKR

Magic Hose Pipe In Pakistan Are You Tired Of Yanking And Lugging Your Hose? It's Hefty. It's Tangled. Everyone Despises Fighting With Their Garden Hose. Turn On The Water And Watch The Magic Hose Pipe Grow To Its Full Length To Resemble A Full-Sized Hose. It Expands To Three Times Its Original Size And Is So Light That Watering Your Flowers And Gardening And Washing Your Car Has Never Been Easier. The Magic Hose Pipe Was Also Tested For Water Flow Rate And Volume, And It Performed Just As Well As A Standard Garden Hose.

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Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan


Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan Are you tired of yanking and lugging your hose? It's hefty. It's tangled. Everyone despises fighting with their garden hose. Turn on the water and watch the Magic Hose Pipe grow to its full length to resemble a full-sized hose.

It expands to three times its original size and is so light that watering your flowers and gardening and washing your car has never been easier.

The Magic Hose Pipe Price in Pakistan was also tested for water flow rate and volume, and it performed just as well as a standard garden hose. The water continued to flow despite the fact that the Magic Hose Pipe was twisted, bent, and knotted. The Magic Hose Pipe retracts back to its original shape as the water drains.

Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan If you use the hose completely open, such as when filling a kid's swimming pool, the hose may shrink significantly. If you use a sprinkler, you'll have to set it in place when the water is turned on, and the hose shrinks when the water is turned on, allowing the sprinkler to move with the hose. Original Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan Shopping for magic hose pipe products such as watering hose magic hose, garden water hose, garden hose pipe, and expandable magic is simple and only takes a few clicks. For the magic hose pipe, various materials such as plastic are used.


What is Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan?


If you need assistance choosing pipe, read real pipe reviews left by customers to help you narrow down your options! Our reviews will assist you in locating the best pipe. Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan -related items include: The spray from the garden hose has nozzles, and the hose is not easily broken or leaking. The hose is made of high-quality, impact-resistant abs plastic, and the long-lasting handle ensures that it will last a long time.

Magic Hose Pipe in Lahore Pakistan The water hose is made of high-quality natural latex and is ideal for watering flower pots or attaching a sprayer trigger to garden hoses, irrigation pipes, and all other hoses and fittings. Furthermore, the water hose is made of natural latex rubber, which is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for watering your garden, washing your car, cleaning your patio, and cleaning your greenhouse.

Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan garden water hose is constructed of high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic. At the same time, the garden hose has five water pipes and quick connectors. Kink-free attachment for garden hose, pipe, and hose. When you see something of a magical hose pipe, you can go shopping for it.


How Does Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan Works?


Simply look through a large selection of the best Magic Hose Pipe in Karachi Pakistan to find one that is right for you! The pipe selection is constantly updated. You can find the best pipe based on the best match, the number of orders, or the price. With our low pipe prices, you'll be spoiled for choice.

There are numerous ways to save money while still being able to afford the magical hose pipe, such as deal hunting. You can get great deals on Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan by shopping online. You can even find pipe discount vouchers, coupons, and other money-saving deals. Take a moment before you check out to look for coupons, and you'll save even more on pipe. Don't forget to look at our other related deals when you're shopping pipe. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and it is what we strive for on our website.

The Magic Hose Pipe in Islamabad Pakistan has the mysterious feature of three time’s automated growth: it can robotically increase three times after water, and robotically retract the original duration after the water is finished. Making it clean for transportation or carrying around. The extra-long length of water hose meets all of your outdoor watering needs.

This expandable garden hose is made of high-quality engineering grade plastic connectors that are corrosion-resistant and lightweight. When not in use, simply drain the hose and dangle it from the wall using the hose clamp.

High-quality materials, long carrier lives, a high-elasticity inner tube, a high-density material cover, no knots, no difficult, and a small folding quantity. Excellent wear resistance. Clean installation, easy disassembly, time and effort savings, and three-second installation

Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan The spray gun's humanized layout, attention to detail, and the triangular steel ring in the sprinkler head can effectively assist the transfer, thus understanding automated long-term water spraying, which is more labor-saving.

There are seven spraying water modes to choose from: full, mist, jet, bathe, flat, middle, and cone.

It is widely used in automobile cleaning, indoor and outdoor doorways and windows, floor cleaning, garden spraying, household cleaning, and so on.


How to Use A 100-Foot Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan?


Set the ON/OFF valve at the end of your water hose to OFF.

Turn on the water at the source and your water hose will expand to its maximum length. When using Magic Hose Pipe Price  for the very first time, it is advised to fill and lengthen the hose, then stretch the outside folded material covering to relieve tightness, then release water and refill to use normally. Place your sprinkler in the designated area of your yard or garden. Point the sprinkler nozzle away from you, turn the ON/OFF valve to the ON position, and walk away; your sprinkler will work the same way; it works with any ordinary hose.




Get your hands on this 100-foot Magic Hose Pipe in Pakistan that makes gardening and vehicle washing a snap. You may use these tubes to do a variety of activities. The magic hose pipe is easy to use; a 100-foot length offers you total control and flexibility, allowing you to wash the car while watering the yard. It also has a high water pressure, making it suitable for use outside.

  • Available Colors Green / Blue
  • Durable, durable all hose
  • Expands up to 100 feet in length and contracts instantaneously
  • Includes easy release connections
  • Makes watering simple and convenient
  • Twist-free, tangle-free, kink-free
  • With 7 functions applier and fast version connector


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