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Mole Removal Pen - In Stock

Item Form:Mole Removal Pen

Made By:China

Rs: 7000/PKR Rs: 6500/PKR

Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan, Most Mole Removal Kits Contain A Tiny Needle Those Heats And Burns The Desired Area To Remove The Mole. However, You Will Develop A Small Scab On Your Skin, And It Will Likely Take At Least A Few Weeks For The Scab To Go Away. Burning The Area Where You Removed The Mole Will Prevent Bleeding.

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Mole Removal Pen Price in Pakistan


What is Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan?  

Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Uses our mole worry-free! Dermatologically rated as painless and safe to use, it removes birthmarks, freckles, warts, and tattoos quickly and painlessly. Moreover, application of advanced microcomputer-controlled Nano needle technology. Very easy to use, convenient, and safe. There are three levels of intensity to tackle different problems. However, the unusual electric ion technology prevents bleeding and does not make people feel the presence of an electric current. Removes blemishes without damaging healthy skin.


Mole Removal Pen Price in Pakistan Furthermore, remove the spot without bleeding. The plug-in is portable and easy to carry, with a charging time of more than five hours of operation. Most people have ten or more birthmarks on their bodies, medically called nevi or nevi, when multiples occur frequently.


Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Although most are benign, some skin cancers are very similar in appearance, and birthmarks can be a sign of skin cancer before it develops. However, in other circumstances, benign moles can present aesthetic or comfort problems. The latest cutting-edge technology enables more agile handling that is more stable and safer. Effectively protects you from various skin spots, blemishes, freckles, birthmarks, warts, and tattoos.


How Does It Work?


Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Most mole removal kits contain a tiny needle that heats and burns the desired area to remove the mole. However, you will develop a small scab on your skin, which will likely take at least a few weeks to disappear. Burning the area where you removed the mole will prevent bleeding.




Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Convenient and convenient USB charging with a secure chip.

• nine customizable modes for different skin types.

• The operating status and battery level are displayed on the LCD screen.

A safe and reliable OUT adjustment knob makes the device easier to operate.

• Includes ten interchangeable fine needles that can be used on your face or body.

Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan  Ease of use and portability.

• No side effects or bleeding.

• No direct burning


How To Use It?


Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Press and hold the ON/OFF button to turn on or off for about 2 seconds. To change the speed level, which ranges from level 1 to level 6, press the ON/OFF button. For this product, Mole removal pens, the intention is to sear the mite where the imbroglio was removed quickly, but ye might not at once have explicit skin.


Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan Instead, a scab desires shape over your skin, which may absorb up after 30 days because of the scab according to peruse off. You allow the scab following naturally read-off as an alternative to choosing the scab work; Press and hold the OUT button down.

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