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Self Defense Spray - In Stock

Item Form:Self Defense Spray

Made By:Austria

Rs: 5000/PKR Rs: 4500/PKR

Self Defense Spray in Pakistan, The Non-Toxic, All-Natural Compounds Derived From Capsicums Produce Coughing, Runny Noses, Coughing Fits, And Fast Eye Closure. The Duration Of Its Effects Could Range From Thirty To Forty-Five Minutes, With The Hours-Long Effects' Implications.

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Self Defense Spray Price in Pakistan


What is Self Defense Spray?

Self Defense Spray in Pakistan is widely used and touted as a potent self-defense weapon in the US. Although Self Defense Spray can dissuade an aggressor, many buyers have never used it. There needs to be more published research on the usage of pepper spray by civilians, particularly among new users.


Self Defense Spray Price in Pakistan  To analyze pepper spray designs and ascertain how the safety mechanism affects response time and overall performance, conducting a study with inexperienced users might be helpful A user survey and a lab experiment using 2 2 randomized block designs, two Self Defense Spray designs (side-slide safety and flip-top safety), and two Self Defense Spray starting positions (purse or pocket) served as the study's two main components.


Self Defense Spray in Pakistan  According to the findings, moreover, the side-slide Self Defense Spray and the flip-top Self Defense Spray had considerably different response times. Zavari.Pk But whether the trigger finger was utilized as the index or thumb, there was no appreciable difference in response times when the pepper spray for placement was used (purse or pocket)


Self Defense Spray Price in Pakistan  Overall, participants thought the side-slide weapon was the most practical self-defense weapon. Oleoresin Capsicum, sometimes called Self Defense Spray or OC spray, is an inflammatory agent without deadly effects.


How To Use It?


Self-Defense Spray in Pakistan The non-toxic, all-natural compounds derived from capsicums produce coughing, runny noses, coughing fits, and fast eye closure. The duration of its effects could range from thirty to forty-five minutes, with the hours-long effects' implications.


Self Defense Spray Price in Pakistan  It has demonstrate that pepper sprays instantly incapacitate any attacker, including deadly animals. This offers superb defense for women of all ages and enables you to escape risky situations.


How Does It Work?


Self-Defense Spray in Pakistan The bottle is convenient and takes up very little space while used. The spray always aimed toward the attacker's face and ranges up to 12 feet. Self Defense Spray can subdue an aggressor with just one spray due to its high irritant content. The Self Defense Spray is authorized by official lab certification and approval.


Self-Defense Spray in Pakistan Women are increasingly experiencing harassment cases. For safety, every woman needs to own this self-defense spray. Everyone should be capable of self-defense, but if you aren't, pick up some potent pepper spray!




  • Self-Defense Spray in Pakistan Pepper spray is a non-lethal inflammatory agent. 
  • Capsicums' natural and non-toxic components.
  • Excellent Accessory for Women's Defense, 
  • Young or Old: Disables any assailant immediately, even animals; 
  • 30- to 45-minute duration of effects.


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