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Choco Butter Lips Scrub - In Stock

Item Form:Scrub

Made By:India

Rs: 25000/PKR Rs: 2000/PKR

Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan is Emollient Qualities Serve As A Barrier Of Protection By Delivering And Keeping Moisture In The Skin And Lips. Additionally, Antioxidant Vitamins A, C And E Found In Chocolate Butter May Help Delay The Effects Of Ageing. Lips Are Prepared And Perfected With A Light Exfoliant, Leaving Them Supple, Smooth, And Nourished.

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Choco Butter Lips Scrub Price in Pakistan 


What are Choco Butter Lips?

Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan treats pigmentation, darkness, and dehydration of the lips. It is made from 100% Natural Butter Scrub, eliminating dead skin cells and profoundly moisturizing and beautifying lips. It also contains healthy cocoa butter. Furthermore, a stylish combination of chocolate lip scrub and cocoa butter keeps your lips soft and nourished. Lip scrub is also essential and very practical to keep in your suitcase. Use a scrub to rock with your velvety, smooth lips.


Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan conditions chapped lips with butter and gently buffs away dry flakes, leaving them delightfully soft, smooth, and prepared for your lipstick to glide on and last. Zavari.Pk  Conversely, vegetable oil and cocoa butter draw moisture to dry lips, and sugar aids in exfoliation.


How Does It Work?


Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan Because the skin on your lips is quite sensitive, scrub softly. The scrub will moisten your lips as the sugar eliminates the dead skin. Moreover, you might get pink lips permanently if you use this scrub frequently. After applying Wonders Choco-Butter sugar lip scrub, prepare your pout with Marvels' ointment in your preferred flavor for long-lasting lip hydration.


Choco Butter Lips Scrub Price in Pakistan is emollient qualities are a barrier of protection by delivering and keeping moisture in the skin and lips. Additionally, antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E found in chocolate butter may help delay the effects of aging. Lips are prepared and perfected with a light exfoliant, leaving them supple, smooth, and nourished.




Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan The flavor is similar to the name. Your lips become chocolicious and kissable after using the chocolate lip scrub! Dead skin cells are removed, revealing softer, more pleasant skin that is pinker in color.

  • Shine the skin and exfoliate the dead skin.
  • Make your lipstick flow smoothly and look even.
  • Entirely edible or lickable off the lips.
  • As you polish, also help to hydrate.
  • Get eliminates chapped and dry lips.
  • Make your lips smooth and supple.


How To Use It? 


Choco Butter Lips Scrub Price in Pakistan As needed, take a generous amount of lip scrub and gently rub it very circularly onto your lips. Next, lick or rinse off the excess. For extra-nourished and smooth lips, use it once daily. Use warm water to rinse.




Choco Butter Lips Scrub in Pakistan This scrub filled with the goodness of sugar, coffee, and chocolate. These organic exfoliators easily remove dead skin while nourishing your lips. Sugar and cocoa lip scrub. Its composition could include organic chocolate mixed with vegetable and biological waxes. It looks after your lips by removing dead skin and has a delicious, all-natural chocolate scent.


Choco Butter Lips Scrub Price in Pakistan Organic chocolate, organic cocoa butter, and castor sugar. Organic sugar, certified organic karate butter, certified organic chocolate extract, and certified organic Choco butter are all nutrients (organic exfoliant).


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