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Derma Pen - In Stock

Item Form:Reduce Acne Pen

Made By:China

Rs: 10000/PKR Rs: 8000/PKR

Derma Pen in Pakistan It Will Improve How You Feel And How You Appear, Making It Your Best Helper. It Is Safe To Share The Host With Others. It Is Also Economical Because The Cartridges Need To Be Changed After Each Use. All Cartridges Are Single-Use And Come In Sealed Packaging. Derma Pen Is A Practical, Sanitary, And Secure Product.

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Derma Pen Price in Pakistan


What is Derma Pen?

Derma Pen in Pakistan is a skin micro-needling process with a quick healing time that also promotes the skin's collagen synthesis and scar-less healing to minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigmentation and revitalize the skin.


How Does Derma Pen Work?


Derma Pen Price in Pakistan A derma pen works by puncturing the skin through an automated spring-loaded mechanism using microneedles that move up and down across the skin and create tiny holes as they do so. Zavari.Pk  However, the interior workings of the Derma Pen encourage the formation of healthy collagen and produce small skin punctures that allow nutrients to reach the deepest layers of the skin.


The dermal layers of the skin are not affected by the short treatment. Derma Pen Price in Pakistan To minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigmentation, as well as to renew the skin, Derma Pen is a skin micro-needling process with a quick recovery period that promotes scarless healing and the skin's natural collagen synthesis.


How To Use It?


Derma Pen Price in Pakistan It will improve your feelings and appearance, making it your best helper. It is also safe to share the host with others. It is also economical because the cartridges must be changed after each use. All cartridges are single-use and come in sealed packaging. Derma Pen is a practical, sanitary, and secure product. It provides an unequaled reaction by segmenting the administration of microneedles, which also creates tiny wounds to the dermis and epidermis (outer layer of skin) (the inner layer of skin).


Derma Pen Price in Pakistan Moreover, the ensuing micro-injuries encourages the body's inherent ability to mend itself. Twelve needles and our revolutionary sure space and saflok technology are also included in each Derma Pen tip. Furthermore, all Derma Pen needle tips and pens now have these safety enhancements.




Derma Pen Price in Pakistan The primary benefit of utilizing a Derma Pen is the improvement in overall skin texture and tone that follows the procedure, along with the diminished visibility of skin pores, reduced depth of superficial wrinkles, and decreased visibility of stretch marks. Using a Derma Pen to treat skin flaws and acne scarring is effective.

  • Acne-related scars
  • Post-surgical scarring
  • Burn scarring
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Strain Marks
  • Larger Pores




Adapter Voltage 5v-300ma 110v-220v

Power adapter, maximum 50/60Hz, 

Derma Pen in Pakistan 100v-240v, non-rechargeable.

The needle rotates at 1000–6000 rpm.

Product Size: about 14.7*3cm

The package is approximately 18*11*5cm.


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