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Dr Ortho Spray - In Stock

Item Form:Pain Relief Spray

Made By:India

Rs: 4500/PKR Rs: 3000/PKR

Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan Is 100% Ayurvedic And Is Designed For Quick And Effective Relief From Joint Pain, Back Pain, Weakness, And Sciatica. It Also Has 8 Fruits Which Include Ashwagandha And Neemu. Ayurvedic Products Have A Long Tradition In India, And Dr Ortho Spray In Pakistan Market Has A Good Reputation For Producing High-Quality Products That Sell Fast.

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Dr Ortho Spray Price in Pakistan 


What is Dr Ortho Spray?

Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan is an herbal remedy derived from a mixture of seven effective Ayurvedic herbs containing natural herbs. These herbs known for their analgesic properties and can relieve small joints and joint pain. The swab is made into an excellent 75ml travel bottle and bottle. Dr Ortho Spray is 100% Ayurvedic and is designed for quick and effective relief from joint pain, back pain, weakness, and sciatica. It also has eight fruits which include ashwagandha and neem.


Ayurvedic products have a long tradition in India, and Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan Market has a good reputation for producing high-quality products that sell fast. This popular pill is a natural pain reliever and can be used quickly and effectively to reduce back and muscle pain. Dr Ortho Spray Price in Pakistan Do not spray this product on other affected areas. Zavari.Pk It is also suitable for children. However, it is essential to follow this guide carefully. This product should not use for children or those with sensitive skin. If you overdo it, contact your doctor or poison Control Company.


How Does Dr Ortho Spray Work?


The spread treats back pain, muscle injuries, and sprains. Dr Ortho Spray Price in Pakistan is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for joint and joint pain. Contains seven effective herbs as well as 100% Ayurvedic herbs. It should not use on open wounds and should kept out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


How To Use Dr Ortho Spray?


Cooling the Ayurvedic Herbal Dr Ortho Spray in Lahore can help reduce joint pain and sprains. Ultamately, it is easy to use. Where joint pain spreads only through massage to the painful area, it gives the best results in a few minutes. Quickly carried anywhere, this spray is effective for back, knee, and joint pain. Due to the quality of the non-fat application, this spray has been helping users for over 30 years.




Dr Ortho Spray in Karachi contains essential oils such as eucalyptus and camphor. It also has eight fruits which include ashwagandha and neem. Ayurvedic products are natural and have no side effects. Although it has no known side effects, it is essential to know the ingredients in the water before using it. Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan However, if you have allergies to wood, you want to avoid the product. Flax, camphor, eucalyptus oil, clove, and til are some factors that make this spray effective. The ingredients in the spray include chamomile, licorice root, guggulu, and fenugreek.




Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan  Ayurvedic products are the most effective way to reduce pain. You can try Dr. Ortho Spray in Islamabad if you are experiencing joint or other discomfort. Moreover, this spray contains a mixture of seven powerful herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan It is also a great way to find quick, natural pain relief, including joint, knee, and hamstring pain. Other features include using a safety net with openings, which can carried in a small bag or bag on the side.


It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent option for people with arthritis and other disorders. The aroma and soothing effect of Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan can help reduce discomfort and inflammation caused by bones or joints. The product does not grease and absorbs quickly; nothing left. It is practical and long-lasting. Dr Ortho Spray provides relief three to four times daily when used as directed. It also has a pain reliever and a bottle opener.




Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan This relieves pain with milk honey, which acts as a pain reliever like aspirin. It can help quickly relieve joint and muscle pain by promoting blood flow to injured muscles; as the name suggests, Dr Ortho Spray has an aspirin effect. However, only children over ten years of age should take this medication.


Dr Ortho Spray in Pakistan Aspirin is often irritating, but its effects on the body may not appear immediately. It is associated with inflammation of the liver and brain, known as Reye's disease, which can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, you should only take aspirin as a last resort and consult your doctor before taking any anti-inflammatory medication.


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