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Genius Mushrooms - In Stock

Item Form:Genius Mushrooms

Made By:USA

Rs: 10000/PKR Rs: 9500/PKR

Genius Mushrooms in Pakistan, Nurture Your Thoughts, Body & Spirit – By Combining 3 Of The Most Researched Mycological Species On The Planet, Genius Mushrooms Deliver An Herbal Wellness Gadget Now No Longer Like Several Different:

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Genius Mushrooms Price in Pakistan


What is Genius Mushrooms?

Genius Mushrooms in Pakistan Nurture your thoughts, body & spirit – By combining 3 of the most researched mycological species on the planet, Genius Mushrooms deliver an herbal wellness gadget now no longer like several different:


Genius Mushrooms price in Pakistan Enhance highbrow clarity, immune function, natural electricity and more. Immune tool booster. Elevate resistant helpful resource to a few other diplomas with Reishi mushroom extract: Furthermore, having used for centuries.


Genius Mushrooms price in Pakistan This immune booster is what you need each day to stay wholesome and avoid the common region cold. Zavari.Pk Memory, focus & cognitive performance – Lions Mane provides a steady possibility to somewhat questionable nootropics and intelligent drugs hitting the market nowadays:


Genius Mushrooms in Pakistan Moreover, this species is a showed thoughts booster, terrific for work & study. It is also caffeine-free electricity supplement. Furthermore, elevate your electricity tiers virtually via ATP production with Cordyceps Sinensis:


Genius Mushrooms price in Pakistan Increase oxygen utilization, aerobic functionality, and athletic patience without stimulants. Liver valuable resource & detox – Reishi has moreover, verified to beautify mood and act as a detoxifying liver cleanse potentially. There aren't a few wellness gadgets to had inside the market that have components like this (Packaging can also slightly vary).




Genius Mushrooms in Pakistan It is also excellent for university college students. Moreover, it isn't the possibility for clinical community or experimental college college college students who can experience the superb medicinal houses of mushrooms.


Genius Mushrooms price in Pakistan This presentation from The Genius Brand combines extracts from three precise mushroom varieties (lion's mane, Cordyceps, and reishi) in a superb unmarried package, presenting you with an immune also helpful resource and the thoughts-enhancing results of natural nootropics. You may also anticipate an electricity growth to the stepped forward ATP production supplied via the cordyceps mushroom.


Genius Mushrooms in Pakistan Control Cholesterol Levels.

• Anemia may cured.

• Prostate maximum cancers want to avoided.

• Breast maximum cancers want to avoided.

• Diabetes wants to be handled.

Genius Mushrooms Price in Pakistan Strengthen the bones.

• Boost the immune tool.

• High Blood Pressure (hypertension) wants to cured.

• Copper is a first-rate color.

• Boost electricity tiers.

• It's beneficial for your skin.

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