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Hydra Pen - In Stock

Item Form:Skin Care

Made By:China

Rs: 30000/PKR Rs: 25000/PKR

Hydra Pen in Pakistan, The Hydra Pen Relies On The Conventional Chinese Needle Therapy Strategy, Where Small, Infrequent Needles Are Inserted Into Your Skin To Treat Worsening Problems. The Main Contrast Is That Instead Of Reducing The Problem Of Torment, The Benevolent Pen Acts On The Appearance Of The Skin.

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Hydra Pen Price in Pakistan 


What is Hydra Pen in Pakistan?

Hydra Pen in Pakistan, In general, a beneficiary pen is a small gadget. It is used for corrective strategies or for treating skin problems or stylized medications. There are also several derma pens available to suit a variety of usage needs. Depending on the system, they can used to: Hydra Pen in Price Pakistan, is used for micro-damage to the epidermis. Which stimulates the development of collagen and elastin and promotes cell repair. The structure of the needle diverges into the skin, which ensures the entry of more than 80% of the product into the skin (with standard use, only 3-5% of the item absorbed); it supports the skin cells with raw materials for their glory.


How Does It Work?


Hydra Pen in Pakistan, The Hydra Pen relies on conventional Chinese needle therapy, where tiny, infrequent needles inserted into your skin to treat worsening problems. The main contrast is that instead of reducing the pain of torment, the benevolent pen acts on the appearance of the skin. Hydra Pen Price in Pakistan, Equipped with a cartridge containing a needle that only penetrates the top layer of skin in the planned treatment area.


Zavari.Pk Moreover, the incision opens up the top layer of skin - the dermis; a small cut by the needle allows the skin to repair itself. Hydra Pen in Pakistan, As the skin heals, it produces collagen and elastin to support the cycle. Depending on the treatment, the color applied to the skin with a needle, such as BB Glow, or a very long-lasting cosmetic method.




  • Hydra Pen in Pakistan, The Hydra Pen is another partial meso therapy device that restores the skin from the inside and out. It combines the benefits of micro-needling with programmed penetration or elemental infusion to revitalize the skin safely.
  • Equipped with a removable needle cartridge, the substance, hyaluronic acid, and cream naturally penetrate the skin when developing MTS, which significantly affects the skill and effect of skin care.
  • Fixation, restoration, and revitalization of the skin
  • Treats skin problems such as wrinkles, aging, invisible differences, hyperpigmentation, acne, or bags under the eyes
  • Super long-lasting makeup system including lips, temples, or eyeliner
  • The addition of anti-maturation and cell-strengthening nutrients to the skin
  • Animation of normal collagen formation and shadow gloss


How To Use It?


  • Hydra Pen Price in Pakistan, They are known for their adequacy, efficiency, ease of operation, use, and safety. As the corrective and flavoring industry continues to develop, the methods of their use are constantly evolving.
  • You want to relax or tilt your head and start at the highest point of your face to ensure even inclusion. Although, make sure the needle is against your skin to make a thin, insignificant incision. Use pressure on your skin for the Hydra needle for maximum results, your rub the serum onto your face. Finally, rinse your skin with clean water.
  • Reduced fine lines and curves
  • Soft skin surface
  • Hydra Pen in Pakistan, Scars go to the next level.
  • The overall skin is cleaner, more luxurious, and fresh.
  • Clean large pores


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