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Icy Hot Balm - In Stock

Item Form:Pain Relief Balm

Made By:USA

Rs: 4500/PKR Rs: 3500/PKR

Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan Contains Lidocaine And Menthol. An Effective System Provides Quick And Long-Term Relief. Effective For Muscle, Leg, Knee, And Joint Pain. It Is Effective For Pain Caused By Injury Or Work. Icy Hot Balm Comes In A Variety Of Formulas And Contains A Blend Of Menthol And Salicylate.

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Icy Hot Balm Price in Pakistan


What is Icy Hot Balm?

Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan is an excellent alternative to prescribed NSAIDs. It works by paralyzing damaged nerves and can cause chemical burns. However, these products not intended for children. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that blocks an enzyme that causes inflammation. It also contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic. We recommend it for home use if you follow the instructions.


Menthol is not recommended during pregnancy but is often considered low-risk, mainly when prescribed. Always consult your doctor before using metal painkillers and use only as directed. Icy Hot Balm Price in Pakistan contains lidocaine and menthol. Moreover, an adequate system provides quick and long-term relief. Effective for muscle, leg, knee, and joint pain. What not to do? 1 Current back pain. It is effective for pain caused by injury or work.


How Does Icy Hot Balm Work?


Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan Menthol and methyl salicylate known to help prevent irritation. They work by moisturizing and warming the skin. These effects on the skin can remove deep pain in the muscles, joints, and nerves. Although local anesthetics often help relieve pain, they can cause chemical burns with prolonged use. The composition of menthol, including  hazardous in case of prolonged contact with the skin.


Icy Hot Balm Price in Pakistan Therefore, this product should remove from the affected area immediately. Zavari.Pk Even second and third-degree burns can cause severe pain, injury, and hospitalization. Has many benefits and is best used in the affected areas. Icy Hot Balm Price in Pakistan This pain reliever should not used by adults and children under 12. Moreover, it is important not to touch children. Please consult your doctor regularly. Do not share skin products with others before using them. Use medications that only ever help.


Icy Hot Balm does have a risk of side effects even when used in different strengths and formulations. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a consumer safety warning for pain relievers. Furthermore, several common ingredients are used in over-the-counter pain relievers, including methyl salicylate, lidocaine, and capsaicin. In addition, various products on the market can cause burns.


How To Use Of Icy Hot Balm?


Apply the Icy Hot Balm in Islamabad to the affected area 3 to 4 times daily. Take a good bath. If you are not using this medicine on your hands, wash your hands after applying the medication. If you are caring for your hands, wait at least 30 minutes after washing the product to wash your hands. In short, the chemical ingredients of Icy Hot may not penetrate your veins which will provide complete healing. Still, it can provide temporary relief by stimulating the nerves in your skin and preventing pain symptoms.


Icy Hot Balm Price in Karachi contains menthol, which gives a gentle effect and reduces pain in the skin under the skin. The analgesic properties of this product are short-lived and can used to relieve tenderness, joint and cranial pain. Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan   If necessary, it is also helpful for the treatment of bumps. It is available in a variety of formulas and dosages. However, this product may discontinued, and you may want to try other brands.




Icy Hot Balm in Lahore active ingredients: menthol (7.6%, methyl salicylate (29%) Non-working: paraffin, white petroleum jelly for external use only and menthol: 29% methyl salicylate Jar 1.75 oz and 2.7 oz Depending on the use. Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan You may need to use two or three times a day Icy Hot Balm comes in a variety of formulas and contains a blend of menthol and salicylate. You can purchase 1.75 ounces of gel and 2.7 ounces of tube.




Icy Hot Balm has the following benefits:

• Works to remove harmful nerves

• May cause burns

• Can used on the skin

• Without menthol

This product treats mild muscle / joint pain (arthritis, back pain, sprains, etc.). Menthol and methyl salicylate are common anti-irritants. They work by giving the skin freshness and warmth.


Side Effects:


Icy Hot Balm in Pakistan This product can damage the skin if applied to inflamed or damaged skin. Stop taking this medication with your doctor immediately if you experience side effects such as inflammation, swelling, intense redness at the application site, abnormal enlargement of the organ area, nausea, vomiting, or ringing in the ears.  Icy Hot Balm Price in Pakistan A mild allergic reaction to this medicine may occur. Also, do not apply to wounds; if swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. This product should be stored in a place where it not exposed to direct sunlight or heat where children are not exposed.


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