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Magic Wand Personal Massager - In Stock

Item Form:Magic Wand Personal Massager

Made By:US

Rs: 17000/PKR Rs: 16500/PKR

Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan, The State-Of-The-Art Rendition. In Any Case, Accompanies A Light Round Head That Offers A Stable Vibrating Rub Down. Still, Its Creation Is Made Considerably More Powerful

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Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan


What is Magic Wand Personal Massager?

Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan is a unique, veritable, America's essential craving for a confidential massager. For over 30 years, the Magic Wand massager has America's relied upon longing for an all-around confidential massager.


Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan It provisions pride many times. Its energy and toughness deserve rave suppositions from clients. The Magic Wand that many people have loved presently made considerably higher using the Hitachi HV-260 confidential massager.


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan The state-of-the-art rendition. In any case, accompanies a light round head that offers a stable vibrating rub down. Still, its creation is made considerably more powerful. The framework is even less convoluted to apply with the double mode move set at the thin make due. Zavari.Pk  Thing ships through USPS in watchful plain bundling.


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan The Original Magic Wand is most certainly perhaps of the best-appreciated vibrator ever and regularly empowered through sexual wellness care transporters for women who've issues peaking. Initially developed as an edge massager, the Magic Wand Massager will work on art ponders on solid bulk.


How Does It Work?


Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan The Wand flaunts speeds, a low and an exorbitant setting (5,000 and 6,000 vibrations reliable with minute, separately), allowing for personalization over the power. Moreover, the profound, infiltrating vibrations might be fixated on whichever outline part you pick an approach to its expansive, rich, and delicately adjusted head,


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan The Magic Wand Massager supplies booming vibrations and the utilization of pleasant frequencies. However, the vibrating head provides a chilled rub down using the tennis-ball estimated head. The confidential massager is great for emergency clinics and at-homegrown back rubs to mitigate pressure, sore bulk, and more prominent.




Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan The Magic Wand Personal Massager, not the slightest bit, runs out of energy and continually equipped to go! The Magic Wand massager is intended for a United States 110-120V/60A energy supply and isn't continuously getting applied with every other energy supply or connector. However, the Magic Wand Massager makes firm, compelling rubbing vibrations using its firm, smooth, tennis-ball-length head. It has pleasant frequencies: I) 5,000 and II) 6,000 vibrations reliable with minute.


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan The Magic Wand Personal Massager is around 12 inches long and roughly two 1/four inches enormous all through its vibrating head. Furthermore, the Magic Massager tips the scales at areas of strength for kilos, a successful and trustworthy workhorse. Furthermore, this is rarely a lightweight! For assurance, not the slightest bit deal with the Magic Wand massager through the rope, and not the slightest bit submerge it in water or use it inside the tub or shower.


Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan Additionally, do now never again perform it for more than 25 minutes without turning it off to quiet down for half-hour sooner than exchanging it lower back on. Kindly see the Magic Massager client's aide for entire orders and assurance alerts. The Magic Wand Personal Massager facilitates outline throbs, torments, and muscle pressure. This battery-powered sorcery wand has an astounding 30 modes. However, a weighty commitment engine.


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan A delicate contact silicone head to introduce you to a profound tissue rub down or gentle vibrations. With cordless solace for backing broken down bulk at homegrown and away. The Love Magic hand-held massager is great for people on the go. Entertain yourself with this minimal-expense sumptuous today.

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