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Mighty Acne Patch - In Stock

Item Form:Mighty Acne Patch

Made By:Korea

Rs: 5500/PKR Rs: 4000/PKR

Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan, The Acne Patch Absorbs All Drainage From The Pimple And Covers The Wound To Prevent Further Trauma During Application, Such As G. Picking," Explained Dr. Kassuf. "They Work Best On Opening, Draining, Healing Pustules, Papules And Cysts.

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Mighty Acne Patch Price in Pakistan


What is the Mighty Pimple Patch?

Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan is made of the simplest quality hydrocolloid, which can be a fluid-absorbing gel that draws pus and other debris from your pimple. It reduces the size of blemishes and speeds up the healing process while protecting your skin.


Mighty Acne Patch Price in Pakistan Our products made in Korea to the highest quality standards, resulting in better adhesion and a more consistent product. Made of premium medical-grade hydrocolloid. It smoothly absorbs your acne residue while you sleep - so you wake up with clearer skin.


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan A wafer-thin sticker with a translucent matte finish protects your pimples day and night. So convenient you'll forget it even exists. Our hydrocolloids are UV sterilized, non-toxic, and completely safe for the skin.


Mighty Acne Patch Price in Pakistan Quickly sucks all the pus from your pimples while you sleep - so you wake up with clearer skin. 12mm round acne patch, clear color with a matte finish, suitable for all skin types. Zavari.Pk Mighty Acne Patch, a replacement that tackles those pesky blemishes without harsh chemicals or drying formulas that can show results overnight.


How Does Mighty Patch Work?


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan Mighty Patch is also better because it treats pimples overnight. Mighty Patch is smarter than acne cream (and so much better than squeezing it) because it naturally extracts spots without damaging your skin, allowing your skin's natural healing to take over.


Mighty Acne Patch Price in Pakistan Apply the Mighty Patch to clean pimples filled with fluid or pus and leave overnight for best results. Stand up to see your pus-filled white sticker and puckered spot.


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan You'll amazed at how these "mighty" little stickers suck the pus and fluid from your site! Seen displaying his work; Protects because it heals and protects from touching and picking; Cruelty-Free, Vegan; No active ingredients and no dry formula; Made in Korea; New York brand.


How To Use It?


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan To use acne patches, first clean and moisturize your face as usual. Then put the sticker on your pimple and wear it all night. Prepare the shoots. First, identify the correct type of Siting - Mighty Patch works best on blackheads.


Mighty Acne Patch Price in Pakistan  Paste in the Patch. Press gently for five seconds to ensure the pimple patch adheres firmly, especially around the outer edges. Take it off after 6+ hours. You will be ready to wear it in the shower because it is water resistant.


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan Then wash your face as usual with your morning routine. No unnecessary layers of dairy or moisturizing ingredients on your skin; The Mighty Patch is in direct contact with the pimple.




Mighty Acne Patch price in Pakistan The acne patch absorbs all drainage from the pimple and covers the wound to prevent further trauma during the application, such as g. picking," explained Dr. Kassuf. "They work best on opening, draining, and healing pustules, papules, and cysts.


Mighty Acne Patch in Pakistan Acne patches are tiny stickers made with a slightly sticky wound-healing gel called hydrocolloid. Larger versions market as "blister wraps," but they're all designed to do and do the same thing - help your skin heal faster.

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