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Nose Trimmer - In Stock

Item Form:Nose Trimmer

Made By:South Korea

Rs: 2500/PKR Rs: 1500/PKR

Nose Trimmer in Pakistan, The Benefit Of Nose Hair Clippers Is That They Let You Remove A Few Protruding Hairs. As A Result, The Majority Of The Hairs Are Still In Good Enough Condition To Protect The Flight Routes. The Primary Drawback Of Using Nose Clippers Is That The Hairs Will Regrow.

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Nose Trimmer Price in Pakistan 


What is Nose Trimmer?

Nose Trimmer in Pakistan Incredible traveling companion with a compact design - Stylish design, the best present for friends or a loved one. Curved, hypoallergenic, and tempered steel edge; Rotary sharp edge framework for effectively managing our clogged nose and ear hair; Smooth, the engine gives no fuss development; Furthermore, eliminate the traditional need for scissors to remove the unsightly beard growth from the face, nostril, and ear; higher security provided.


Nose Trimmer in Pakistan  The well-being cone head shields the skin from direct touch and sends the hair to the cutting edge. Cute white brush to remove the trimmings from your trimmer; tightly wound crown protects skin from direct contact Rubber sliding ON/OFF switch that is easy to hold. The Protective Guard structure and the new accuracy trim technology were designed to provide an easy and effective trim without excessive pushing and pulling.


How Does It Work?


Nose Trimmer in Pakistan  The benefit of nose hair clippers is that they let you remove a few protruding hairs. Zavari.Pk As a result, most of the inches are still in good enough condition to protect the flight routes. Moreover, the primary drawback of using nose clippers is that the hairs will regrow.


Nose Trimmer Price in Pakistan  This multi-purpose trimmer features three connectors, making it a one-stop spec shop and an adaptable option. Although the nose hair trimmer is effective, its remarkable value is increased with the addition of an eyebrow brush and a detailer (for sideburns and whiskers).




Nose Trimmer in Pakistan  There are no connections to worry about with this trimmer, but the LED light draws attention to it, which may ensure that you work efficiently to clip every difficult-to-see hair up in your nose. Additionally, it is wet/dry, which is typically one or more in terms of cleaning. When it comes time to remove nose hair, an electric nose trimmer is a simple, painless option. Compared to using scissors or other methods, managing the hair on your nose is much faster and safer.


• Cleaning for convenience. Completely washable

• Convenience without maintenance. No oil is needed.

• Finishing the configuration. Unadorned plastic

• Cutting structures, there are many length settings.

• Handle for configuration. Completed grip


How To Use It?


Nose Trimmer in Pakistan  A nose and ear hair trimmer that fits into your everyday schedule is ideal. Furthermore, to keep your trimmer in top shape, flush it after each use. Start using your ear and nose trimmer right now, and remember the AA battery for the case.


Nose Trimmer Price in Pakistan  Activate the device, and then place the cutting element into your nose. Avoid inserting the controlling head more than 5 mm into your nostrils. Move the controlling authority slowly within each nostril. Ensure the side of the handle with teeth touches the hair. After every use, completely clean the area.

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