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Roll on Wax - In Stock

Item Form:Roll on Wax

Made By:China

Rs: 7000/PKR Rs: 5000/PKR

Roll on Wax in Pakistan, Remove Any Accumulated Substances Like Salves Or Sweat From The Skin's Surface Before You Begin The Waxing Session. In A Suitable Wax Roller Warmer, Warm The Depilatory Wax Cartridge For 35 To 40 Minutes While Maintaining The Seal. Carefully Remove The Roll-On From The Wax Burner, Then, Tilt It All Over Several Times To Be Sure The Wax Has Melted.

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Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan 


What is Roll on Wax?

Roll on Wax in Pakistan roll-on application approach minimizes dripping and unfavorable tenacity and is highly sterile, disposable. It is more accessible. All skin types and hair types respond well to roll-on waxes.


Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan Roll-ons can be used on a single patient without running the risk of contamination. Because the surplus wax in the cartridge never reaches the skin or is exposed to the environment. They contain the right amount of wax for one or more medications.


Roll on Wax price in Pakistan Due to changed factors, roll-on wax or cartridge wax has emerged. As a fantastic alternative to traditional waxing.  Zavari.Pk It is quick and beneficial. You can experience an immaculate waxing application when you use roll-ons because the wax doesn't trickle.


How Does It Work?


Roll on Wax in Pakistan When working on large areas of skin, roll-on waxes are equally effective as canned waxes. They promise a quick encounter where you remove all the hair without wasting your products needlessly.


Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan  When using a smaller cartridge, they can also improve the accuracy of face waxes. Wax Cartridge works well on normal hair and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Roll On Waxes are convenient and clean with a unique wax blend for removing fine and coarse hair.


Roll on Wax in Pakistan  After your waxing appointment, you'll need to apply an after-wax salve or oil to remove wax buildup and hydrate your skin because roll-on wax dissolves in oil (liposoluble) rather than water.


Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan Roll-on wax warms slowly, reducing the risk of consumption. As these cartridges cannot heat in a microwave, you will need a roll-on wax heater to warm them, as well as waxing strips to remove unwanted hair.




Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan Roll-on wax cartridges are less laborious because they produce a uniform layer of wax on the skin with only one application. Regular polish requires more time because it must apply twice or more to get a uniform layer.


Roll on Wax in Pakistan Waxing is completely sterile if proper hygienic procedures are followed. Free laboratory testing reveals no cross-contamination of waxes and that our roller heads are not conducive to bacterial growth. We fervently advise using salon designers' low-temperature roll-on wax radiators or something even hotter for these cartridges.


How To Use Roll-On Wax?


Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan Remove accumulated substances like salves or sweat from the skin's surface before you begin the waxing session. Warm the depilatory wax cartridge in a suitable wax roller warmer for 35 to 40 minutes while maintaining the seal.


Roll on Wax in Pakistan  Carefully remove the roll-on from the wax burner, then tilt it over several times to be sure the wax has melted. Insert a wax roller cartridge into a hotter container once the wax has liquefied.


Roll on Wax Price in Pakistan  Maintain the sensitive wax cartridge within the heater while it is in use to preserve the wax at the proper temperature. When wax slides off the roller without resistance, the roller is open. Test strips should thrown out because wax may have spread unevenly.


Roll on Wax in Pakistan  Apply wax to the skin in even layers, paying close attention to the growth of the hair but without covering it. Rub a strip across the skin. Holding the skin in place with one hand, quickly and immovably pull the strip in the opposite direction to the hair-growth direction with the other.

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